Bee Products

We have over 220 active beehives in our apiaries. Our bees product high-quality, wildflower and forest honey and beeswax. We have undertaken a single harvest this year and our 2015 honey is now available. 


farm-gate sales

Come on down to the farm to see us! We offer a number of products that you can pick up - eggs, honey, syrup, soaps, meats, vegetables, fruit - either call ahead and pop by for a visit. (Although, if you pop by, you may miss us!)

Our farm store will be open in winter 2015. Just in time for Christmas!

Body Products

All-natural body products are also offered at our farm. Created by Elemental Earth, many of the ingredients in these products are direct from Granite Forest Farm. For instance, the Spiced Honey Cleanser is created with our raw, unpasturized wildflower honey and also includes some of our dried and ground herbs and the lip balms and hand salves are created using Granite Forest Farms beeswax, in combination with oils and herbs.


pastured Meat

Highland beef, heritage pork, whole hog sausage,  chicken, turkey and duck are just a few of the meat options we offer at Granite Forest Farm



We understand what its like to start from scratch and have to teach yourself all you need to know about farming. We've been blessed though with great friends, family and neighbours, who've helped us through the hard times, provided us with much-needed advice and came by to help us with getting our farm up and going. In honour of them, we'd like to pass on to you what we've learned.


At Granite Forest Farm we tap and collect maple and birch saps which we then process to produce maple and birch syrups. We are hoping to begin tapping black walnut trees in 2016.

We do not have any syrups available at this time. We will have maple and birch available in spring 2016.

Vegetables, Fruit and Herbs

We grow a variety of vegetables at the farm and adhere to natural and organic practices. We do not use pesticides, nor herbicides, on our plants as we believe that not only do these poisons infect us, but they also infect the soils.

At our farm in Campbellford we utilize biodegradable and compostable mulch. Once the ground has been prepared we lay the mulch down and then plant our seeds or seedlings. This way we know that our beds are as protected from the elements and wildlife as they can be and we know that they have a better chance at survival.


pastured livestock

Roaming our pastures are Highland and Dexter cattle, Large Black hogs, Duroc, Tamworth and Berkshire pigs, a large variety of heritage birds (chicken and turkey), dairy goats and Southdown (Baby Doll) sheep.

We have a limited quantity of Highland bull-calves, Alpine and Nigerian Dwarf bucklings, Duroc x Large Black, Tamworth x Large Black and purebred Large Black weaner pigs available. Contact us for more details.