Now offering Pastured Pork

We currently have Large Black x Duroc and Berkshire pork available. Products in stock include:

Sausage (Chiptole and Feta, Tomato and Oregano, Chorizo, Hot Italian, Maple, Honey Garlic, BBQ, Buffalo Wing), 7.25/lb

Pork Roast, 4.50/lb

Ribs, 4.50/lb

Ham (fresh), 5.00/lb

Ham (smoked), 6.00/lb

Bacon, 9.00/lb

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Taking orders for pastured poultry

We are currently taking orders for  turkey ( 3.99/lb) and duck (6.50/lb). If you're interested in placing an order with us please contact us through email, phone, text or send us a facebook msg.

All poultry will be pastured. The tractors will be ready to go in the spring and the poultry will be out in the fields.

Go to our CONTACT US page to order.


Goat pepperettes! 13.00/lb

Made by the people at Hilts from our own pastured goats and pigs, these pepperettes are delicious and not a bit greasy. Comes in mild and hot.

Got to our CONTACT US page to order.