Granite Forest Farms: ethical, sustainable, natural

About Us

Granite Forest Farm is a diversified, sustainable operation with a bee yard located in Trent Hills and our farm just outside of Campbellford, Ontario. In addition to our apicultural pursuits, we adhere to natural and organic agricultural practices, from our grass-fed, pasture raised animals, to our fruits and vegetable, flowers and herbs, and maple and birch syrups.


Growing up on his grandparents dairy farm in Finch, Ontario, Derek was firmly ensconced in farming and knew from a very young age that he desired the lifestyle.

Raised in a large farming community in rural Manitoba, Laura grew up on local farms and loved getting her hands dirty. She believes that cultivating a personal relationship with your food is essential to a well-lived life. 

Knowledge is power but sometimes it also brings a painful awareness. When we realized that much of what we were putting on, and in, our bodies was contributing to our ill-health as well the health of our planet, we decided to make a change. Starting with a dozen heritage chickens in 2013, we moved to making body products and then purchased a 100 acre farm in Campbellford, Ontario in 2014. Since our farm purchase we have filled the barns and pastures with Highland and Dexter cattle, Alpine and Nigerian Dwarf goats, Large Black hogs, Duroc , Berkshire and Tamworth pigs, a number of different breeds of heritage poultry (chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese), ponies and sheep and we've also expanded our bee yard to over 220 hives. We are hoping to purchase a few Yaks in 2016 to add to our stock.

From our inception, we've always encouraged interested individuals to come down to the farm for a visit and see from where your food originates. We look forward to seeing you! If you'd like to come by for a visit, please call in advance because we never know where we're going to be!

What people say about our products

"Just picked up some late season flower honey today at the Maynooth market...AWESOME!" -- Michael, Maynooth

"How can you not love these people and their product? Honeys, candles, soaps, syrups are all outstanding!" -- Lisa, L'Amable